237 W. Magnolia · San Antonio, Texas 78212 · 210.737.6363


On July 1, 2008, Monte Vista Montessori, a Texas Nonprofit Corporation was formed to create and maintain a Montessori school of the highest quality serving children ages 2 through 14 years old.

Enjoy this 5 minute YouTube video on one parent's perspective of the core contrast between Montessori and conventional schools:

Monte Vista Montessori exists to educate children in San Antonio and beyond in the manner first set forth by Dr. Maria Montessori, and further developed by Montessori's students, and their students after them, and so forward, through the past century and into the present.

Monte Vista Montessori also seeks to assist parents in bringing up their children and strives to provide the bearers of the Montessori tradition, the teachers, with a secure, respectful environment to practice their profession and to transmit the treasure of their skills, knowledge, and wisdom to the teachers of the future.


"The child left free without means of work would go to waste, just as a new-born baby, if left free without nourishment, would die of starvation. The organization of the work, therefore, is the corner-stone of this new structure of goodness; but even that organization would be in vain without freedom for expansion of all those energies which spring from the satisfaction of the child's highest activities."

 - Dr. Maria Montessori's Own Handbook